Convoluted social dreamboat broken to thread the needle
Building on the backs of people, culture clash benign or evil
We make a shrine to ego just trying to climb the ladder to what’s defined as regal
Call for cure but fed placebo
I’ve been a lot of places
Eyes have graced a lot of faces
Different tracks for different races; hurdles or steeple chases
No concept of what your case is but to grow you’ll go through changes
No matter what your name is, broke or famous, all the same shit

Please don’t be devoured
In the darkest hour cowards cower, but the faithful willed the power
Of course, the rain will shower, but from puddles flowers bloom
Just watch what you consume
Blast the music louder
Feel the vibe and ride the wave
Embrace the flavor of today before your taste can sour
We gon’ sprinkle just a touch of seasoning and pray for what the season brings to our hands
Love towers in our plans, amen


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