[Verse 1: Potter Payper] Darg, I’m dope boy freshin it
New batch of bobby, got fat Jon Testin it
Lifestyle strenuous, noone ain’t genuine
Most man feminine
Fam I used to yak it, I got niggas that will send you in
Potter can’t be trusted, next time remember it
Rocket like Hendrix
f*ck a bad bitch like a bitch took ten dicks
Jailhouse, bitches used to send pics
Trap’s extensive
Fresh up out the weed house
Smelling like lemsip
And we do houses and we do ten shit
[x2]I don’t pick food up, dargy I deadlift
Let me bill the next spliff
OT with Weasel
Trap spot filthy
Pipes, foil, needles
And I got that John Lennon, rock him like beatle
I just push buttons like keyboard
Get down or lay down, I’m feeling like Sigel(lay down, I’m feeling like Sigel)

[Bridge](You know what it is already, training day)

[Verse 2: Potter Payer]They say it’s fifty for the Lohan
Jeezy, I’m the snow man
Eating with my whole fam
Kitties call me dope man
White girl fat like Rosanne
And my Valentino so tan
Potter be a warrior, Conan
Never been a courier, no man
Me I got my own plan
Cultivation, but I’m so impatient
Mr motivation
Want gwop quickly, so I turned my whole block crop city
Gascoigne, block pissy
Deleaf the crop, sticky
Gossip, gossip, gossip, lot of dons bitchy
I don’t sell food, my food sells itself
Got me in some rada’s, stonie drops, expensive belts
And you ain’t getting nothing, at least you got your health
That’s alright dog, but trust me all this wealth it helps
Potter ain’t the skinny sort
You can see I eat well
These dickheads female
Talking every detail
Eye that, bag that, I don’t even need scales
Poke that, stab that, I don’t even need shells

Weed house, cheese smell, purchase, resale
Trapperdon, front room looking like the Amazon
.44 barrel long
At your front door like carol song
Call him up, cabbage don
Peas and his carrots gone
I ain’t vegetarian, but I’ll fill a yard with vegetation
And I’ll set it off no hesitation
Waste ’em
Kitties call me hero like the haitian
Cause my food consistent
Never get complacent
Used to trap with Jason
Used to trap with Wayne OT, it was amazing
Five stacks, seven days
Since then I haven’t had a better day
Picked 7up no lemonade
Put six down for a rainy day
White boy, baby face
Hood up on my stonie
Dickhead think you know me
Consign the whole you
You’re a baby boy like Brody
Please OG, like Melvin
No one brung me in I brung myself in
Potter made the money by myself, so I’m selfish
Man move selfish, sideways, crabman
Potter still stab man, grab man, wrap man, clap man
Push white, wrap tan
Beige got a tan, call it Jack Chan
I can’t sleep I’m always restless
Potter was a wildchild
Screws gave me lectures
Running from them Astras
Running from them Vectras
Running until I’m breathless
Heading for that good life
Me? I want them extras, houses paid for
Old school, we was out chilling on the eighth floor
Outsides raining, we was trying to stay warm
Bait another case caught, Snaresbrook hate me
Why’d you think I hate court
Ride it Jay Sean
Come home laughing
OT two weeks Potter weren’t barfing
In the trap spot with my nokia charging
Came up starving
My block, you could get murdered like Marvin
Gascoigne, Barking, bare fake youts though
Block city
You can find me on the block, with my zoot rolled, E&j and boost cold


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