Don’t be a hero
Heroes are so sad
Don’t be a hero
It’ll just make you feel bad
Beware of the candyman
He doesn’t realize that the present that he’s brought to
Is gonna burn out your eyes

Old Pharaoh’s daughter once awallowed a grain
Which took her to Hades
Where they blew out her brain
And all the physicians justo looked on in shame
While from the walls of the temple
They erased her name

“I’ll see you tomorrow” I heard someone say
The man he was talking to had faded away
O how he must have cried
When he was alone
For the devil had taken his soul
And the snow had froze him to the bone

God’s living herb is okay I suppose
But the thorn in your side once grew on a rose
So just take it easy, that’s all I beseech
For love is the highest high you can reach

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